Fun Cupcake Party ($100 deposit)
1.5 hours | $200 for a party of eight
$20 for each additional guest.
– Half dozen gourmet cupcakes with icing and toppings

     for each guest to decorate and keep.
– Themed Cupcake Cake and beverages for all guests.
– The guest of honor receives a special  a La CupCakes! T-Shirt.


Delicious Cupcake Party ($125 deposit)
1.5 Hours | $225 for a party of eight
$25 for each additional guest.
– Includes the Basic Cupcake Party package
– Plus!  Ice cream for all guests.


Extreme Cupcake Party ($175 deposit)
– 1.5 Hours | $350.00 for a party of eight
$35.00 for each additional guest.
– Includes the Deluxe Cupcake Party package
– Plus a La CupCakes! T-Shirt for each guests.




You may arrive 30 minutes prior to your party for decorating the space.

If you require additional time we may be able to accommodate based on the reservation schedule for the day.

Please just ask and we will do all we can to help.


Once your guests arrive, you may begin serving drinks and when everyone is present we will serve the cupcakes for each person. 

You will have choice of 3 different flavors for the Fun Party, one bag of icing per person of Vanilla and Chocolate buttercream,

which can be shared so to have variety, and several different toppings to choose from.

We have fruits, sprinkles, chocolate chips, ganache drizzles, etc. 

Each guest will be provided with a container to take their cupcakes home with them. 


Your party will also have a pull apart CupCake!

Cake in any color theme you choose. We can match to your decorations or provide a character edible image topper. 

We want this to be a spectacular experience so go all out!


Also included in the price of your party is assistance from our experienced party staff. 

One attendant will be assigned to take care of every need your party may have.

We are very excited that you chose us for your CupCake! Party event!

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Group Cupcake Decoration.jpg
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