Special Order CupCakes! and Cakes!

Maria is living in Asheville, but she never lost her love for her hometown, Austin, Texas. When her coworkers wanted to make her 10-year anniversary special, they thought, "What would remind Maria of Texas?"

Not sure what you want, Just call us at the bakery:


to talk about your vision.


Please keep in mind that  intricate designs may take up to 10 or more days notice.

All little Travis wanted was to grow up and become a Forest Ranger. He talked about it day and night. It didn't take much thought to figure out what would make his 8th birthday special. But what can we do for a cake? The kids can eat a tree stump...or can they?

It didn't matter if it was a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Bianka's dad would pick on her about broccoli, knowing she didn't like it. So when her dad's birthday came around, it was pay back time. This is one bunch of Broccoli Bianka Loved!

We really don't have a story for this one. Someone just wanted a "galaxy cake." Isn't this neat.

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