Your Wedding Cake

        from Selection to Reception

The question was asked; the answer was, “Yes!” What’s next?

​Of course, next to the new bride and her gown the wedding cake is the center piece of the of the reception. It’s the dessert that punctuates the start of this wonderful journey you are taking with the one you love. Here is a checklist of services we provide and information we will need to insure that your wedding cake perfectly reflects the celebration of this journey.


Cake Tasting!

At a La CupCakes, we have over 200 original cake flavors as well as cakes for those with dietary needs. Our gluten free, vegan gluten free, and sugar free are unsurpassed.  

Our tastings are provided at regular price and we recommend mini cupcakes, choosing one per person of each flavor you wish to try. 

Please let us know if you have completed your Save the Date! Tastings are included with this service.

Call to Schedule a Cake Consultation

This is where the fun begins.  After your tasting you have a pretty good idea what flavors you want for your cake. Call a La Cupcakes! At 828-633-6887 to schedule your consultation with one of our talented cake designers. This service is also included with your Save the Date! deposit.

Here is an idea of the information we will need when we meet with you.

1. Wedding Date, Time and Reception Time; to determine delivery and set up.

2. Contact information for the couple, wedding planner, family member, etc.

3. Venue name, address, phone number.

4.  Cake Design, such as a tier cake, or cake and cupcakes, or a combination with dessert options.

Establish flavors and provide picture ideas of the designs you prefer.  A guest estimate is very helpful.

5. Bring color swatches, photos of flowers and wedding dress, cake topper, or other information for coordinating cake with decorations.

6.  Determine if you will need cake stand rental.  Our rentals require a refundable deposit, which is refunded to you when our stand is returned within 5 days of your event.  We also provide the option to return to the venue to pick up the stand for a set fee.

7.  Create a list of questions you have for our cake designer. 

8.  Decide if you will require delivery for your event or if you will pick up on a specific date and time. 

9.  Your estimate will be provided at the time of consultation. You will have the opportunity to make any changes or additions before receiving the invoice.  Payment is required in full 14 days prior to your event. 

3 Tier Cake with Upside Down Ruffle.jpg
Mini GF Carrot and Red Velvet.PNG

Remember!   SAVE THE DATE!